Pruning Tall Trees: Dangers and How the Pros Can Help 

pruning tall trees

Your trees need care, just like any other living thing. You might think pruning your yard’s trees is something you can handle yourself, but this process takes experience and special tools and equipment. Keep reading to learn about the dangers of pruning tall trees and why you should trust a licensed tree care company when it’s time to prune your trees. Trust Old Growth Tree Care, the most reliable tree service in Bethel Park, with your next tree pruning and outdoor projects. 

What Is Tree Pruning? 

Tree pruning is the process of selectively removing branches from a tree. Dying branches pose a threat to the health and appearance of your trees. Dead branches can cause unwanted damage to both the tree and your property. Other risks of overgrown or diseased branches include: 

  • Property damage
  • Tangled power lines 
  • Poor tree health
  • Fallen tree branches

Tree care professionals use the most modern techniques and equipment to provide the best tree services. Tall trees with damaged branches pose a serious risk to passersby and property. Climbing and pruning tall trees can lead to accidents, including falls. Never attempt to trim a tall tree yourself; instead, call your local tree trimming experts.

How the Pros Prune Tall Trees 

The process of pruning tall trees requires special equipment and techniques. Branches 15 feet above the ground require special equipment such as cranes, grapple saws, and climbing equipment to reach the tallest trees. A licensed tree pruning company, like our team here at Old Growth Tree Care, uses small equipment to fit in tight locations to: 

  • Trim branches 
  • Address safety concerns
  • Remove branches from power lines 
  • Promote healthy tree growth 

Trimming and pruning tall trees requires strategy. Removing too many lateral branches, too much of the tree’s crown, or too many live branches will further damage the tree’s health. Tree trimming and pruning professionals develop an expert approach to keep your trees healthy. 

How the Pros Climb Tall Trees

Tall trees require professional service from trained experts. The equipment tree trimming experts use to safely and effectively trim tall trees includes: 

  • Climbing ropes
  • Harnesses 
  • Ariel lifts
  • Spurs

Trained professionals use specialized equipment to ensure a safe tree trimming experience. Your local tree trimming professionals develop an individualized plan for your yard’s specific needs, whether your trees are on a narrow street or an open field.

How the Pros Cut Tall Trees 

Removing branches from tall trees without trained professionals is dangerous. Our team determines which branches are crucial to the tree’s structure and integrity. Longer branches are trimmed and supported by the removal of surrounding branches, permitting more airflow and light to reach the tree’s center.

The first step is to remove branches that cross over one another, rub against the tree’s trunk, or have died. This strategy reinforces the branch structure and promotes new, healthy branches to grow. 

Damaged or diseased tree branches have a higher risk of breaking off. Tree trimming professionals utilize the International Society of Arboriculture-approved techniques for safety pruning tall trees. 

Call Old Growth Tree Care and Avoid the Dangers of DIY Tree Pruning

At Old Growth Tree Care, we know how important your trees are. Our tree trimming services, as well as pruning tall trees, tree removal, and 24-hour storm damage services, are available in Pittsburg, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Our professionals at Old Growth Tree Care are standing by to provide the friendliest, safest services for all your tree service needs. Click here to learn more about our tree trimming and pruning services and how we are the only service in the area that specializes in structural pruning of tall trees via climbing.

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