Do I Need a Tree Removal Permit in Pittsburgh, PA?

In many parts of the United States, tree removal permits are necessary if you wish to extract a tree from your property. Luckily, if you are a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, local tree ordinances are less strict than in other parts of the country. Thus, removing a tree from your property may not require a permit, though this varies depending on the location of the tree on your property, its size, and if the land is public. 

If you want to remove a tree from your property, it is best to consult with a professional arborist such as the experts at Old Growth Tree Care. Local arborists are well-versed in city regulations and can inform you as to whether you will need a tree removal permit depending on your specific situation. If you have questions related to tree removal on your property, feel free to contact Old Growth Tree Care for help. 

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Reasons to Invest in Tree Removal

We suggest removing trees for the following reasons:

  • Death or disease: Dead trees can not only attract pests, but they may fall at any moment due to a lack of internal structure. Likewise, trees with diseases or pest infestations can easily fall or spread the disease to neighboring trees. 
  • Landscaping or new construction projects: If you are a property owner looking to get building permits for residential or commercial land, trees may stand in the way of your future projects. Sometimes it is best to remove a tree rather than work around it. 
  • Dangerous location: If there is a tree on your property near power lines or dangerously close to your house, you should consider removing it. Trees can lose branches or even fall during storms, which may cause expensive damage to your property. 

Tree Removal Permit Rules in Pittsburgh, PA

The government of Pittsburgh, PA works with an organization called the “Shade Tree Commission” to protect the local tree population. Local ordinances from these combined organizations state that if the tree that you wish to remove (or alter) is on public property, you must apply for a permit. 

If you are a private property owner, you may still need to request a tree removal permit if the tree is too close to a property line. Street trees may also require a permit. 

Because there are 232 species of endangered trees in Pennsylvania, certain species may require a removal permit due to their rarity. You may also need a permit to remove a tree that is large or old, as the Commission protects these trees.

To get a tree removal permit in Pittsburgh, PA, you must apply online and pay a $25 fee. Furthermore, the Commission does not guarantee that they will approve your application. 

Local arborists are the most knowledgeable on local ordinances for tree removal in Pittsburgh, PA. They can help you determine whether you can remove your tree without a permit and/or help you apply if your tree requires said permit. 

Professional Tree Removal in Pittsburgh, PA

If you want to remove a tree on your property in Pittsburgh, PA, contact Old Growth Tree Care. We can help you determine if you’ll need a tree  removal permit as well as remove the tree safely. Our arborists have years of experience in tree removal and the proper equipment to complete the job efficiently. We also provide other services such as storm damage tree cleanup. Call us at 412-213-8303 for competent arborist services today.

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